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  1. Overall pleased. There were cosmetic concerns including coverings/plugs for pre-set holes on the control board. Would look a lot cleaner if those holes weren’t there. Also, molding was missing in some areas, maybe because they’re tight areas, but raw and exposed wood not necessarily a good look. I’m willing to put in some work on this, but this is truly a piece of furniture. It would be nice if it looked like it 100%.

    The unit comes set-up for immediate play, which was very nice. Most games you can think of are here. However, you have to rely on the downloaaded copy that’s available. The usb ports are for controllers (it appears)- they don’t allow you to plug in mame games you may have from other sources.

    The gamelist is pretty complete, including hard to find titles. There are a lot of games. However, all games may not play. To be fair, there are a lot of ‘copies’ to account for, but to take time to set up your favorites only to find the copy doesn’t work is a letdown.

    There is going to be troubleshooting required- it’s nice there are some videos for common issues, but you have to actively call the team for questions, especially if you don’t have working knowledge of how cabinets work/are set up. An instruction manual would be really nice for the unit you have, as some videos appear outdated.

    Last things- the team seems interested in getting it right, even if there was no wrong on their part. I didn’t like the color I originally chose for buttons- replacements were sent with no questions asked via priority mail. There are things that could be improved as noted above, but overall, this is a good product.

  2. Love it. Our patients and their parents love it even more. It is SO FUN to see entire families gather around to play a game. Even better to see the parents into their game and letting their kids “pretend” to play next to them while they press the buttons. A few of the games lock up and freezes the system which means the entire arcade has to be completely shut down and restarted. American Gear was so awesome and created a YouTube tutorial on how to put our system in kid mode. I am hoping this helps avoid the games that freeze the system.
    The custom graphics look awesome. There were places in the print that were scratched and cut too large on the buttons. We also would have put the sound controls and on/off switch on the back of the machine since we are using this for commercial use.
    The machine has held up extremely well to the kids and all day use.

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  3. Love it so far. Great to play the games I played as a kid. Seems very well built. We are getting used to the controls and being able to exit games. Very quick and helpful on customer service when there is a problem.

  4. The ski is great, but the custom bindings for shot glasses I sent were installed backwards.

  5. It looks great. Thought it was going to be a normal ski length but happy with the quality

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