The Story

Founded in 1997 AGC began as a hobby on the garage of the Monson Brothers.  With a passion for riding the slopes of Big Bear Mountain in Southern California they began to dabble in building boards for fun. Spending all week building snowboards they would drive to Big Bear and set up a tent outside the rental shop.  Knowing that rental boards were basic in technology they would offer those renting boards to try theirs at no charge.  By the end of the weekend they would leave with a pocket full of cash and no boards, starting the process over week after week during the winter. This was a tough way to make money and offered zero income during the summer.  

 After putting up a web site and busting hump for a few years a little company called Tower Records called them about a few custom snowboards they needed. Their plan was to run a contest in their magazine, prizes being a handful of custom snowboards.  The brothers gladly accepted the project, happy to sell some boards. This little opportunity caused the light bulb to go off, building a brand was hard, but building snowboards was not. Shortly after they had a web site created as a full service snowboard factory and that’s when things began to really change. Corporations and marketing companies were making inquiries for custom snowboards weekly, the company was finally in business. 

As orders grew and the factory began to expand, the oldest Brother Richard had to make the tough choice between his career and his hobby. Consequently he left the company early in 2000 and left it up to Ryan to handle.  

Orders for snowboards were fantastic, but summers were still bleak.  The company had to evolve to survive long term.  So the company began to expand it’s production into composite skateboards and other unique items that could be made on their equipment.  As the years went on, the company kept growing and innovating, making new items that helped make them relevant and stay growing.  This holds true still to this day.

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