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  1. Machine came with the wrong artwork and my driving wheels were not included. Wheels I guess were on back order so my machine was shipped out as to not impact shipping date but nobody told me wheels would be coming. Only scratched the surface on trying some games out. Found games that will not load, game mappings not correct, games in the wrong slots, slot says one thing the actual game something different. Many games on the games list I was sent are not on the machine. All can be corrected but not thinking this machine was ready for prime time yet. Was considering purchasing another one for my other house but not at this time, maybe in the future when its more stable. Also no directions on how to operate the system, just figuring out how to back out of a game and back to the game menu was a bit of a struggle. Hardware used in the build is what sold me on the machine initially as most other machines use lesser quality components, big plus on this aspect. If all the game errors and missing games get corrected I would improve my rating and would purchase another machine at some point.

  2. I am using two of these snowboard display in the same room. With that said, I wanted the displays to be the same color. Although, I ordered the same color (the blonde wood) the color from one to to other is very different.

  3. Paid for grip tape and one of the boards didn’t have it.

    Image #1 from Idris Bernard
  4. Customer service and delivery were great. The design tool on the website was impossible to use.

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