Wakesurfing is exploding in popularity and with 3 lakes just minutes from the factory it was the next logical product to start manufacturing.  Consulting with many whom have the experience we needed to help draft up prodcuts that would be fun and high quality we put our manufacturing experience to work.  

For the 2023 spring and summer we will be releaseing 3 models. our Taser, Phaser and Razor. 

  • The Laser – Surf style with a hybrid skim style bottom, high performace and made in a traditional hand glassed method.  Full color graphics and a 2 and 4 fin version, traditional foam, polyester resin and fiberglass.  The print methos will be our proprietary print method.
  • Phaser – Skim style, similar to a phase 5.  Hard rail, polyurethane foam core, bi-ax fiberglass, proprietary printing process on the top, full color subliamted base with wakeboard plastic
  • The Laser – a unique new way to make surfers.  Polyurethane foam core, Urethane  sidewall (the same material a skate wheel is made of) tri-ax fiberglass, full color subliamted top and base grapics.  This is builot to be a tank! 

One may ask why we are using polyurethane cores on some moodels rather than traditional foam.  The simple answer is it can withstand the heat of the sun and machines easily so we can play arond with different shapes and sizes.

We will update our progress, in the meantime enjoy these few pics..

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Playing some duck hunt at the factory on our new pedestal system.  Wireless HDMI, Sinden Lightguns, collapsible stand, tons of fun! 
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With the lake 7 minutes from the factory, you just gotta get out and enjoy what you make. 
We were shooting a bunch of video over the weekend and this is what @gopro automatically put together for us. 😂 
Wakesurfer design contest, for more details follow this link : https://americangearcompany.com/contests/wakesurfer-design-contest-2024/



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