Top Print Method – Digital Sublimation. Most of our snowboard tops are printed using a digital sublimation print process. In order to get the best output you should design in CMYK using a vector design program. If your design is comprised of photos or raster images you should design in CMYK with a resolution of 150dpi or higher, and be sure that all photos are to scale. Be sure to download any templates you may need.

The design templates are laid out in a rectangle with the outline of the snowboard as a layer. Be sure to design on the layer labeled “artwork” and leave the template layer alone so we can turn it off when printing. DO NOT CROP THE IMAGE TO THE SHAPE OF THE BOARD! We need the bleed in order to ensure all design elements are correct. See examples:

Base Print Method – Screen print. Most of our snowboard bases are printed using a screen print method. We use screen printing because of the opacity and bonding characteristics of the inks used. For best results a two color screen print is best, for a bit extra cost we can make more passes if your design requires it. Basically use the same methods as the top, but just use fewer colors and a simpler design. Unlike the tops, we print on the INSIDE of the materials, the side that is getting bonded to. You will look at your image through the 1.2mm thickness of the clear materials.

The best file formats are .AI, .PSD, .EPS, .TIFF, .PNG anything uncompressed.

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