Action sports have always been a major part of everyone involved with American Gear Company, so it seemed only fitting that we develop a line of wakeboards and skimboards. Our first wakeboard came off the press in the spring of 2011, it was a company challenge to see if we could make it happen. With the good fortune of having the ability to do all aspects of the development, engineering and production in house, we created the tooling and made some boards. Like any new project, we were faced with challenges but managed to work through them rather quickly.

With our snowboard production growing, we had to put developing our own brand of wakeboards on the back burner. Knowing at some point we wanted to hit the market with an amazing product we began building wakeboards for the promotional industry in order to gain production experience and to give the crew training. We understood that the only way we could compete was to build quality products and to build quality products we needed experience. During 2011 and 2012 we gave the boards to various riders to hammer on and little by little refined the process, shapes, construction and specs to our satisfaction.

Here we are today, with an amazing line-up of products that we are proud of!


tri-fold inside


tri-fold back

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Come visit us at select Costco’s in Utah and check out our product. Here is our schedule:

Costco Utah Schedule
Start Date End Date Store
6/28/2013 7/7/2013 St. George
7/12/2013 7/21/2013 Salt Lake
7/25/2013 8/3/2013 Orem
8/9/2013 8/18/2013 Lehi


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