AGC Premium Arcade Machine

Retro Arcade – Brushed Aluminum Made to Order

Why ours?
• High quality cnc machined cabinet grade birch ply (not MDF or particleboard). Hand sanded and painted.
• We use Computer monitors that are made for close viewing, not T.V's
• Amplified stereo speakers with Subwoofer.
• Top shelf grade Industrias Lorenzo Buttons (the kind used on Real arcades).
• Competitive Quality Suzo Happ and Industrias Lorenzo Joysticks.
• High Speed Micro-switches. Zero lag!!
• Raspberry Pi 4 or PC system.
• Packed with too many games to list.
• Multiple save slots for each game. This means everyone in the family can have their own slot.
• Plexi glass covered screen and control deck.
• 5 year Warranty on Joysticks and Buttons.
• 2 player dims: 66" H X 31.5" wide X 24.5" deep
• 4 player dims: 66" H X 47" wide X 29" deep

Send me the List of Games.

We build these things with quality parts and to be tough, for this reason we put a 3-year warranty on all parts.  After the 3 years replacement parts can be purchased and easily swapped out.

We use premium HD computer monitors, we don't use cheap televisions.  Computer monitors were intended to view at close range, so they have better clarity and a much better viewing angle.  Don't send a bunch of money on an arcade that has a crappy screen.  

The arcade is equipped with the most current Raspberry PI hardware.  As Raspberry pi releases new hardware, our arcades will be upgrade-able for minimal costs.  We also offer a Lifetime of software updates.

We have dialed in our system to use the Sinden Light Guns.  These are the latest in gun technology and far more accurate than any other on the market. Using a camera instead of a light laser there is no need for an extra bar on your machine, Play games like Virtua Cop, House of The Dead, Time Crisis and Duck Hunt. Our system has 294 configured light gun games.



Competition quality, not cheap imports. 

  • Intel i5
  • 16GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD (upgradeable)
  • 4K Display
  • PS2
  • PS3
  • Xbox


Build your system: 

  1. Select artwork.
  2. Choose options
  3. Checkout.
  4. We build it.
  5. You play it.

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