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A little bit about us.

American Gear Company was founded in 2012 by Monson Snowboards, Humanity Snowboards and Spot Sports to centralize operations and work towards common goals.  The objective of American Gear Company is to operate it’s high capacity manufacturing facility as a custom snowboard and wakeboard factory while diversifying it to also produce other products for other industries.  With in house designers and engineers, we can dream, design and develop just about any composite or wood product.

We do all the custom processes in house from printing to shipping, we run our own CNC Machines, pneumatic presses and even cut and machine all our own tooling.

With manufacturing experience spanning nearly 18 years, you can feel confident that our products are high quality and building relationships is our main focus.

We build:

  • Custom Snowboards
  • Custom Wakeboards
  • shot skis
  • shot hockey sticks
  • skimboards

Custom Snowboards

Custom Snowboards